21.11.2006  No Immortal Search of The Wrecked Angle: A Letter To Kingsuk Biswas

The world is such a raw place. A place to love. If we can step aside. Or learn how to take it. We have to take up the challenge to accept responsibilities for our own deeds – and the stuff that gets thrown onto us whether we chose it or not. More often than we do actually chose, we do not have a choice, or at least it seems like this - so we might as well accept it. Thoughts about immortals, travelling in armpits, the creation of the universe and other far out topics only a person can write about who really thoroughly believes in what she does. Schluepft with me durch’s Zeitfenster.

01.10.2006  Blue Thoughts

Aus dem Blauen heraus eine Geschichte. Blau. Womit wir schon beim Thema wären. Heute fühle ich mich blau. Liegt das daran, dass ich seit Wochen schon auf dieses grässliche Windows-Microsoft-Blau starre, wenn ich mich irgendwie artikulieren will? Oder an meinem blauen Budget-Car-Kuli, der mich trotz schwarzer Tinte an meinen Rückflug von Deutschland nach Buenos Aires erinnert, da ich ihn im Frankfurter Flughafen vom Desk gestolen hab...?

05.08.2006  The Email Diaries: Londoners 2005. PART II: PlainJane@comeagain.co.uk. By Bee Hahne-Enevoldsen

Jack and I. Well, I suppose I better explain the situation as Jack has already opened that can of worms for me… Christ what a mess. Would I change it if I could? I am not entirely sure. Maybe. Maybe not. Who knows? I can’t now anyway, so there is no use in thinking about it. Ok, so I am not a bloody model, but who cares. I mean, I certainly don’t. I did actually do some modelling as a child and teenager, but then I grew into adolescence and got boobs and an acne problem on my forehead.

03.08.2006  The Email Diaries: Londoners 2005. PART I: Jack@hotmale.com. By Bee Hahne-Enevoldsen

My name is Jack, Jack Ansthalt-Spade. The irritating bit about my name is that at school I was teased relentlessly about it as my surname was abbreviated by some imbecile in the year below to Jack A-S (or Jack Ass if I need to spell it out to you). Yeah, whatever! No one is teasing me now that I am a much hyped club promoter on the London social scene. You name a TV personality and I will have arranged a party for them, maybe even been to their home. I know people. I know what is hot and what isn't and frankly I am at the top of my profession.

01.08.2006  Beaten but not broken

Dark Moments - once in a lifetime. Leaving traces. Forever. If there is such thing as an eternal commemoration, this is my song for it.
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