17.08.2005  Eiscafe Cristallo

Von Katrin Richter. Für B., L. und T. und die anderen

Sie steuert durch die Straßen, die sie vom Abend davor nur vage wieder erkennt. Als sie am Pasinger Bahnhof einbiegt, fängt sie an zu weinen. Direkt am Eiscafe Cristallo. Sie will nur noch nach Hause, nachdem sie aus dem Haus gerannt ist, in dem sie die letzten zwei, drei Stunden verbracht hat.

16.08.2005  Scabby Cabbies Part 1

You Continue… By Birgitte Hahn-Enevoldsen & Co.

This moving, kind of interactive story was written in the year 2000 by Birgitte Hahn-Enevoldsen, one of London’s most influential it writers (in case you’re not down with celebrity lingo: “it” is a certain extra spark you are either born with or not, and it has nothing to do with intelligent technologies). With her writing, she helped to shape the future standards of what is impossible in fiction, taking absurdity to new levels. We here at Planetkat are secretly suspecting her to be the head of an international syndicate. We’ll be back with more of her stuff as we just can’t help to adore her.

Our mutual friend Bloke, who was supposed to write Part 2 of “Scabby Cabbies”, “apparently changed the whole story so now it all has something to do with a cab with white seats, and focussed on that. Typical boys, not into emotional dilemmas at all”. But as it is, we have never actually received his sequel so we can only speculate about the outcome… In the meantime, marvel on Part 2 created by some lame underground force trying to sound punchy but ending up conjuring up some sort of Guy Richie reality...

15.08.2005  Palolem Blues

When I was younger, I travelled to Goa in India and finally arrived in a place at the seaside where they had beach shacks for tourists. Those tourists were broad (whereas normal backpackers are usually really skinny from all the diseases they catch in the slums of Calcutta and Varanasi) and loud, they loved alcohol (which, as an exception, was served here) and meat (again something that would give you diseases anywhere else but here).

30.07.2005  Que buena onda!

“Que buena onda (literally: What a good wave)” the people here say, the voice full of acknowledgement and respect when someone is spreading good vibrations or something works out really well and smooth so everyone is happy.

19.07.2005  Running In My Ex’s Ex’s Shoes

I am bo, because: ... remember that advert when this guy is running, running, running through all the parts of the world including all those slums? Well, these advertisement dudes clearly got inspired by me. I am now running every second day at least and the distances get larger and larger. My lungs pump up to a degree I feel like I can last without breathing for minutes, or I can breathe tiny bits but my brain is still satisfied with the level of oxygen supplied.
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