19.11.2007  Road To Knowhere - I Am Back!

Okay, so... I haven't been upping stuff for a while as I was on the Road To Knowhere in Europe... But: Life goes on as they say! Well, before I fill y'all in how my trip went, click HERE for my absolute fave posting on Myspast. Now this is a delirious funky priest of a writer... But this isn't all: To my own delight I have finally managed to revive my laptop which means I could post some more amazing material. Please visit the FOTO and INTERVIEW section as soon as you have a funky minute to spare. Love, Kat!

01.05.2007  Tutti Frutti High Low Life

Yes, itīs been some time. A lot of it wasted in the wonderful wastelands of Myspace, which isnīt really mine but Rupert Murdoch's. But it's down to that very Myspace I met a multitude of great artists and musicians and thinking individuals all over this world which makes me happy. There is some connections, and we all strive to explore this. In recent news, I am involved in various exiting projects, the most exiting one being a thing I canīt talk about yet, the other one my trip to Europe from June to September. Read on HERE!

25.02.2007  Kat Crazy Bigotes Summerfresh Charts March 07

Hey people, I just wanna shout out loud because I am so happy you guys send me so much good music. I love it! Please keep em comin! Here are my current charts which I believe also got published in Groove Mag! Wooooow! Nice!!!

24.02.2007  Close Your Eyes And Dream With Me - Planetkat In Brazil

It clearly was time for a change... Too much work, too much heat, no place to hide from the sun in our apartment, and then later, after having done my work, no more sun to chase in the long shadows of the city. No space. No time. Well, time for a change. I set up my mobile global communications office in Sao Paulo. 22 million inhabitants instead of 17. Click HERE to ready more.

10.02.2007  Mission Statement

Not being able to resist eathly temptations to spread the word about the existance of Planetkat and its inhabitants, visitors, friends and fiends, Planetkat is now member of the Murdoch-driven Myspace empire for which countless individuals readily sacrifice their private life in return for thousands of "friends"... Oh well. Why not. If this means we are all friends now, it really serves one good purpose: promoting world peace. I chose to only add people I am really in contact with though, and I use it to get people to travel through time and space to pay the real Planetkat a visit. So... Welcome home on Planetkat where it's really at! Click HERE to read more thoughts on Myspast...
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