22.05.2005  Money’s Too Tight To Mention

Another highlight: Us feasting on giso de mondongo, cow's stomach soup. Me and Emilio, my boy, went to the Tango quarter, San Telmo, and ate this rich and relishing local specialty, in one of these really old fashioned old man's pubs. Unfortunately, the giso gave us a food poisoning, how shit, literally.

07.05.2005  The Tyranny of The Penis

The best underground venue in “Buenos Aires No Baila”, the city that is still not dancing, is going to reopen in June: Cocoliche. Why I am so in love with that place? Because it reminds me of the olden golden days of electronic music culture. Kinda sad oldschoolie reminiscent ramblings of someone who’s had their day… No way!

05.05.2005  Friday On My Mind

What to do when you only remember the forbidden Hitler chorus of your national anthem—and other embarrasing confessions of a German.

30.04.2005  El Papa Del Techno: Sven Vath And Other Swanky Dinnertable Tales

Sometimes, encounters of the third kind can be incredibly funny and interesting. They can open up your mind although circles are closing. When people are moving continents because they prefer the weather and the atmosphere of German towns like Bocholt, then you truly know that the world is turning into a global village and we are all part of it. Why meeting up with Jinno and Jiga, the couple that makes up the infamous Psychedelic Trance duo Analog Pussy, was the highlight of the week.

21.04.2005  Todo Bien - Time For An Update

I got to Buenos Aires almost two weeks ago. Here I am, back online, finally... Time to evaluate what´s going on. Not much it seems, at least not with this website. I am working on it. I want this to be filled with a flood of facts and shitloads of stories, not a few lame "news" in the vain of "here I am and this is what I do, hablablab..." And some pervy pics of course. Well, as soon as the weather will get worse and I finally find a USB cable, I will get on the case. In the meantime: Some lukewarm musings from the vaults of my self. What exactly has happened? Is this all just a dream? Will I wake up soon? What exactly do I want here? And how do I feel about this all now? Nadie sabe nada, nunca!!!
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