16.08.2005  Please tell me if I am wrong!

Please note that none of my work is copywrong protected. Everything I ever created was made in reaction to something that already existed: My work was born because I was inspired by something that sparked off a reaction. If you, in turn, feel inspired something I made, please take my ideas as a basis for your own thought process. Take it as a starting point to fly off into new dimensions. Build something new using the tools that were provided. On that note: It should not be a problem for any us to admit that there are countless true geniuses out there whose ideas, styles, quotes, worldviews and methods somehow managed to creep into our brains creating a reality that we want to call ours. But let’s face it, it's not ours. Information exists to be spread freely, to be distributed evenly. You can’t stop its evolution. This is simply irresponsible. And, on the long run, impossible.

15.08.2005  "What’s Going On?" - "Oh, no mucho"...

Many thanks for travelling with Planetkat. Now hold on tight and get ready for the brainstorm... There are plenty of new articles to scan through, all so fresh and unique Planetkat is more than proud to present them to you open minded and very appreciated visitors skipping along through ether space.

12.08.2005  Vinyl Will Never Die!

Ha, we all knew it. Vinyl will never die as long as there are skilled hands and quick enough fingers to manipulate this unique sounding format that can’t be edited once its pressed into its shape: “Vinyl, once seen as a dying format in the music industry, is back in fashion.”

01.08.2005  Strange people in strange places

Another month of photography has passed. Well. Another month has passed. Things have happened. I observed and documented and reflected by taking some shots challenging the reality created in exactly that moment.

29.06.2005  Von sich häutenden Schmetterlingen.... Schön ernsthaft heute, sülz!

Hallöchen, wäre ich jetzt in Deutschland, würde ich vielleicht zum Fusion-Festival fahren, aber auch alle anderen Parties, zu denen man vielleicht eingeladen würde, hören sich auch nach ner guten Alternative an... Obwohl die Lederhosenlucil auf dem Fusion ist. Die würde mir bestimmt gefallen. Die kommt aus Kanada und spielt Hosemusik. Ich frage mich, ob sie sich die gleichen Fragen stellt wie ich, siehe weiter unten.
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