26.05.2006  La Fiesta Despedida! En Sabado 27!

Mañana, en sabado - no estan irritados porque en el flyer la fecha esta incorecta - hacemos una fiesta grosa porque tenemos que movernos de San Telmo... Estan invitados, todos... Yeah... everyone who is reading this is invited! Come as you are!

09.11.2005  Where And What Is Planetkat?

Strangely shaped planet identified +++ Inhabitant claims to be a "crusader of inner happiness" +++ World's leaders remain silent as investigations continue

01.09.2005  One In A Milion

Hullabaloo, I still haven’t sussed out how to move all my private novidades and excursions into the story section without rewriting it all. I think I will eventually do as this will make the page a lot neater and me a lot more happy. In the meantime, before I struggle to push the limits and my project towards completion, I will keep up the steady flow of thoughts and visuals straight out of my cerebrum, from my brain to yours, so there are some regular updates for you to dwell on… So what about this long winded blurb which deals with the irrelevant question how the selection of August photos in the FOTO section came about.

21.08.2005  Language Without Frontiers

Buenos dias, citizens of this planet they call earth! Wherever you maybe lodging, you managed to lock onto some groove they call electronic. The same wave we are tuned into here on Planetkat! Let’s swing together for a while if you fancy! Don’t forget to snoop around. There are some new stories that might be of interest for you.

17.08.2005  Trasnochar En BsAs

Today: Something for the German readers! Na, und was war hier in der Woche vom 23. Juli bis zum 2. August los? Viel. Fangen wir doch mal mit einem Raveline-styligen Roundup an, was denn die Party-Situation vor Ort angeht, und gehen dann elegant zu persönlicheren Aspekten über. Man beachte in diesem Kontext auch gleich die reißerisch klischeehafte Schreibe!
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