11.10.2006  Kat Club Chart October 06

Hello there! Here are the records I play the most this month. Nice wonked up funk sounds in a minimal context, possibly with a touch of madness to them, make me jump around like crazy. Nice one! They might not all be brand new but they are amazing still! Click here to check'em rekkits I can't live without!

04.10.2006  Out of System - MicroPoinTek V.2! Free Party!

On Saturday, October 7, will be a free party in Buenos Aires, in an unknown underground location, outdoors, apparently, organised by the Outofsystem-Crew who will spin their melange of Acid, Techno and Breakstep. All you need to do is call one of the phone numbers and the guys will fill ye in. Respekt! The free party spirit is celebrating a renaissance here in Buenos Aires, the city that never sleeps! To read more (en castellano), click here.

01.10.2006  Moving From The Subconscious!

After a long time of mental absence finally the update we all have been longing for. Itís now all about concept here on Planetkat, and thoughtfulness, so I finally made up my mind and the conscious decision to move my private thoughts and texts into the STORY section which you from now on will find there without exception... please read on by clicking this text box.

29.07.2006  I Need Some Friends!

Kutting Edge Sounds will be a new night headlined by me, the Kat! It's taking place in my favourite hair dresser's ever, Salon Berlin, on Sunday 30 July from 6 to 12 pm.

06.06.2006  Fiesta Clandestina Viernes 9 de Julio

Underground Party +++ with the Pedigree DJs, Franc di Gianni and Kat con K +++ Ex Codo, Guardia Vieja 4581 +++ Entrance Fee 8 Pesos +++ Come and lose it to Hiphop, Nusoul, Grime, Breakbeats and Sublow +++ See you there!
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