17.01.2007  Happy 2007. Happy Planetkat. Happy Everybody?!

Das Jahr ist neu, das Jahr ist happy. Oder ist man selbst neu und happy, wenn ein neues happy Jahr anfängt? Ich bin dafür. So, das ist also 2007, 17 Tage Happiness schon. Und hoffentlich auch weiterhin gut. Es kommt auf jeden Fall dick mit neuen Themen. Und: Mein PlanetFriends ist jetzt offen! Auf dass wir uns connecten!!! Wenn schon nicht on Earth, dann zumindest hier... Click HERE to read more....

10.01.2007  Happy New Ear - Looking For Nice Flatmates!!!

Hey... Happy new ear everybody. Yeah, you! You actually look like you could take some time off. Why don't you come out to Buenos Aires to kick back and chill a little? We actually have rooms to let. One would be my bedroom when I am away in February - I will be travelling to work and play in Sao Paulo for a month - the other option would be subletting my friend's Tony's space ship. Click HERE to read more.

20.12.2006  Happy Vibes Xmess Charts Planetkat December 2006

Wow, I just wanna bounce around and laugh and give everyone around me on the floor a big hug. Ooops, I am supposed to play? Okay... just a sec! Jumping back to the desk! Okay, ready to rinse some new stuff I got sent by some true affiliates. Nice hot stuff I love and support. The perfect sound for a happy giggling fresh n bubbly night! Thanks for your great productions. Once while I am at it: Thanks to everyone for the good vibes I feel flowing from all sides of the planet. We're all on it, we're all in it, so let's make this the perfect party we always dreamt of. We're free. CLICK HERE for the charts.

06.12.2006  Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, que calor

It’s hot, but I can’t rest. Can’t resist. I cannot resist the temptation to continue my quest. To bring you universal news and updates, created in a place far far out. This months novelties include a long overdue update in the FOTO section and some fresh interviews plus a poem which is more than a testimony of vagueness – it’s lost in its purest sense. But there’s more to boot: Expect fresh charts and a few more life changing stories from the underbelly of cultivated rebellion soon. Yeaaaah. The city and their inhabitants got under my skin. CLICK HERE to read on.

31.10.2006  Extraterrestrial Activities

My space, your space... out of place! New on Planetkat this month: Three alienating interviews, a lot of offthecuff zero gravity blublings that will be posted in the STORIES section as soon as we have contact with the naval base, and loads of other useful signals of braincell activity. More to come in the FOTO section soon so dock on again, earthling. Peace.
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