Vistas De Una Ciudad

Vistas De Una Ciudad

The city lies there, never
Her inhabitants forever vagrant
With her fragrance
Of withered oxygen
Poisoning the flowery essence of her plazas
The words long forgotten, forlorn the meaning
The ideas lost
Along the way, yet still they fly
All across the city.

Cannot resist. As usual: an endless fascination.
Will it ever stop?
If it does? Will it be a relief or something dearly missed?

Leaving places that wake vacant
Losing moments that seemed precious
Roaming spaces that rest, worn out
Until the next flush of streaming
Passengers rush through her arteries
Carrying, catching, thrashing, quarrying.

A sea that rises and sinks
Floods of cars, exhaling fumes
Dusty particles that
Infiltrate the system.
Thoughts floating my consciousness,
My dreams permeated
With black dots of soot.

Forever lost
My rusted lust
Lush the rust
A rush of lust
Runs through my city.

Katrin Richter

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