Beaten but not broken

You can see it in my face
That I cannot find my place
With that conflictive mind of mine
I have to pay
Yes, indeed, I learn things the hard way
Lean the hard way.
The fucking hard way.
Look at me.
Plain to see.

Walking down many a road alone
Not one of them leading me home
With that confused mind of mine
I have to pay
A hefty fee
But I know what it means to be free.
My consistency to insist on me sets me free.
Damn right.

My face tells some stories
None of them a lie
Life was never meant to be easy
There’s too much that made me cry
Here I am.
Not going away.
Not going anywhere.
Don’t want to.

The more I am damaged the less it hurts
Yes… I’ve not always had it my way
Too many times I got beaten
My desires eaten
My ideas trodden
My flame consumed
My lust crushed
My love flushed
But I won’t give it away
I won’t give it away
I won’t give it away
I stay.
Right on.
Won’t give it away.
It just won’t go away.
Just pick myself up, brush off the dirt
I get beaten but not broken.
No way.

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