I Canīt Get No-ho Calefacción!

I had a weird day today. The cat found in the gutter is not doing too good, and as Emilio had to go to work, it was left to me to look after it. Itīs like a tiny baby monkey whose claws attach themselves to my socks when I walk around in the kitchen, and even though itīs too weak to hold itself up, it just hangs around on you. Today, it crawled up my naked legs, and it made me bleed. I try to teach it itīs not supposed to do it by hitting the cat with a kitchen towel. As I did it today, it just fell of and lay there. Because itīs not eating properly, itīs like an Etheopean cat whose morbid features scared the shit out of me because it just didnīt move anymore. It didnīt die, but when Emilio got home, I was all disarrayed and still havenīt recovered fully.

Stuff like this throws me out of balance whereas bumping into Raul the homeless ragbag today was fun. Again, we drank a bit of wine in the sunshine and he told me how to prepare and cook sweet potatoes (patatas) which I accidentally bought when trying to shop potatoes (papas). My Spanish is coming along, and with people like him, Fernando, Deborah and Eloisa and of course Emilio, I am slowly getting there. But there is still so much to comprehend. When Raulito the stylee drinkstah was joined by a grumpy old skipper called Eduardo, I was lost. As soon as people get impatient with me or start to speak slowly like I am an idiot, it feels like itīs impossible to bridge that language gap and the shutters in my brain go down. But not for long, hah.

Eduardo had a house on offer too, itīs in Tigre, the tranquile river delta place where I live right now, but I prefer to stay in our casita and move into the city as soon as we find something appropriate there. We can check the house I found right next to that club on Saturday morning, hopefully, we can take it and over and out, dichto. Canīt be arsed anymore. Looking at shabby spaces is fun for a day but not longer. But it starts to feel like section no. 2 in my language book "Tick the right box: La casa tiene calefacción. Sí. No." Muchas gracias.

Apart from this: Nada mas

The painting was taking from a random website I ended up on when I entered "Tigre" in the picture search. I quite like it. The name of the painter: Aldo Zanutti. One to remember. www.arteadimensionale.com

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