Something Got Me Started

The last few days have been fun and smiles (hurray). I have spend the day drinking dirt cheap red wine outside the local Mc Donaldīs with a 60 year-old homeless sailor who also turned out to be mad, but coincidentally he was the only one whoīd talk to me without prejudice and made me lose my inhibitions completely to speak Spanish like a local, well, more like a loony local... hoho. It did work though, we made a great team and thouroughly enjoyed each otherīs company. He has been fighting in the Falkland war. Not that I know anything about history but this is a dark chapter in the Argentinian history. So many people live and die for useless idea(l)s, itīs incredible.

Upon surviving this encounter without getting completely smashed, I also made my first contacts in the music biz: a crew of chicos who run a local mobile disco playing latin music. They were wicked to hang out with and I, sipping on the mate (local tea specialty) talked a great deal of Spanish (well, they did most of the talking and left me to reply in pidgin, but at least I understand most of the conversations now - this time for real - and therefore, I can make a lot of sense with my bits and bobs that gather in my head slowly.

Today, I hung out with the girl who I live with. Sheīs an actress who makes a living with selling jewellery in the streets. Many people here are doing some creative stuff but donīt compromise by wasting their times and good vibrations in situations they hate. They are always swimming with the happy flow which in Western eyes could be seen as being lazy or uncooperative, but essentially, it isnīt. Itīs about feeling good. Here, people would never shout and stress. Itīs just not their style. And I really like that. Essentially, itīs good for your health.

Looking for a flat to move --and I found one right next to a club which is dirt cheap and nice and
in a cool area full of hip bars and people and production companies. I donīt know why I am not remotely disturbed by the idea of moving in with someone I hardly know, I guess itīs because I really just go with the flow, and as long as I donīt have a bad feeling, I donīt have a bad feeling. Itīs simple. As simple as that. I like being a stranger by the way. I just notice this right now. I donīt miss anything. Not in this moment. Maybe never again. Maybe because I notice again that I do like myself a lot. Now I wonder how I fucking came to not like myself sometimes in the first place. I guess itīs normal, but still... an interesting topic to dwell upon and to never come to a
conclusion with. Best to feel instead of brainiacking too much though.

I found this picture on the hard drive of the computer in the online shop. It reminds me of Jensī hot buddies in the changing room *wink*.

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