Time Keeps On Slippin Into The Future...

Some say life is a learning curve, some say it's a rollercoaster.

In any case, it's a labour of love cos that's how we are fucked into existence.

Questions of existentialism and humanism might cross your feeble minds while you try to find a new mate in Faceplace and Spacebook.

New toys for the ego-conscious.

Was the world ever more connected and blind at the same time to the real needs of those distant from us, people we have never seen or even alked about but who can partake in our activities?

Virtual sex and virtuous redemption.

Many a topic for your contemplation.

And while this post ist just absolutely beyond giving you a real updates of my what- and where- and why-abouts, it does reveal one thing: I haven't slowed down one single bit.

New pics and articles up and more to boot. Have a nice day.

By the way, it's been a long time since I listened to the Steve Miller Band. The song stuck though.

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