Welcome Back To Planetkat!

Apart from getting sucked into depths of music, photography and writing, I managed to travel Chile and the Sierras of Cordoba. Pictures will be up in the FOTO section shortly. There will be nudes, glibber, monsters, and lurvewraps. You have been warned. If you work for a money-sucking corporation, it's better you don't come here. Their surveillance system will have you framed in no time.

For those free enough to think, there are some tasty, arse-grapey morsels of attempted journalism: To give you something to get busy with, I posted some more articles I wrote before travelling to and while being in Europe from June to September 2007. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to scan all the wicked pics yet I shot in Berlin, Copenhague and Ibiza. Will do my best though to make it happen soonish. Now that it's colder here, I can finally work without getting distracted by the trickling of my melting brain. Hurray!

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