Close Your Eyes And Dream With Me - Planetkat In Brazil

Sometimes, I can hardly believe it myself. The sun comes up behind the skycrapers, the tangled electricity lines everywhere knitting together the scrambled buildings that make up the crazy jagged teeth of Sao Paulo, the saint that never sleeps. The car is hunting the white line on the road bucking. After hour. I am here for over two weeks now, and the more I get to know the place, the more it seems to morph. Same with the language. The first week was pure joy with me slowly getting a grip, the same when I made a little trip to Rio to meet up with Yetti... Hanging out with her, watching the playboys and playgirls of Copacabana, was a real highlight, and being one of the devilish dancers at the carnaval de Santana... Michel and his family! Partying at Quebra Tudo mit DJ Kammy, Flavia and Mila (see picture). Meeting Murphy again! Getting to know new people! Walking down Rua Augusta at the early morn when all the hookers have gone home. Generally broaden my horizon. I don't know, it all feels so good. I am happy. This is the best work-and-play experience I have had in a long time. I will be out here until March 8, returning to Buenos Aires to report on the SAMC. And surely return soon after. Watch this space for more updates.

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