Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, que calor

Itís hot, but I canít rest. Canít resist. I cannot resist the temptation to continue my quest. To bring you universal news and updates, created in a place far far out. This months novelties include a long overdue update in the FOTO section and some fresh interviews plus a poem which is more than a testimony of vagueness Ė itís lost in its purest sense. But thereís more to boot: Expect fresh charts and a few more life changing stories from the underbelly of cultivated rebellion soon. Yeaaaah, there is more to come. Much much more. The city and their inhabitants got under my skin, and this results in think pieces, new concepts and fresh ideas. Please surf by again soon, it will be worth the visit. And please feel free to drop me a line whereever you are. Looking forward to it.

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