Kat Club Chart October 06

- in no particular order -

Barem - Cilindro (Fusiphorm Remix). Foundsound
Saint Ibot - Moskowskaya Wremja. TFE
Anthony Rother - Sleep. Datapunk
Tleilaxu - Strange Playground (Someone Else Remix). Mo's Ferry
Dave Shokh - Inferno. Playmate
Si Begg - NonStopCutPaste. Noodles
Someone Else - Water in Mexico. Glückskind
Die Studiogemeinschaft - Employee. Treibstoff
Homebase - Centrino. Waskids
Das Kraftfuttermischwerk - Schattenspende. TFE

Und das ist nur die Spitze eines Eisberges. More to come! If you would like to send me stuff for playing and reviewing, get in touch. kat at planetkat dot com.

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