Moving From The Subconscious!

Hey, my favorite Planetkat surfers, after a long time of mental absence finally the update we all have been longing for. Itís now all about concept here on Planetkat, and thoughtfulness, so I finally made up my mind and the conscious decision to move my private thoughts and texts into the STORY section which you from now on will find there without exception. Moving from the subconscious right into the centre of attention: news that are real news, news for me, news for everyone. Okay, this is it on the news front. Enjoy. Also new: this month. Blue Thoughts. Some fresh interviews with Hybrid (also published on www.nubreaks.net, DJ Murphy, and a report about the alternative hiphop label Stones Throw. Plus some archives stories about a techno producer in the loony bin and the ex-Indy label NovaMute. And something about Dave Shokh, loggahroggah of the moment. Yeah.

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