Fiesta Clandestina Viernes 9 de Julio

Heyyyyyehhiuiuiiiui.... Thanks for coming to our party. It was great. About twohunderd people turrned up through the course of the night and were rampaging our living room which we turned into a fully equipped mainfloor. At some stage I was really really really concerned we would all crash through the floor and the nutters that were crowding the place would not stop jumping, stomping and screaming! When I looked around, my infected eyes would encounter nothing but locura total! Respect! Wow. You made my night...

For me it is a steady learning process playing for people and the more I connect myself with the floorsters and the music the more we flow. Let's keep it rolllin... Friday night at the Fiesta Clandestina organised by my crew the Pedigree DJs who invited me for the second time to play with them, this time not in the Theatro con las chicas de la casa Brandon where I DJed on May 21 for about 400 crazysexycool people but it in the much more experimental ex Codo. Well, let yourself run free and wild and drop by - the music with cure you! Just have a drink and a laugh. Nobody 's perfect and no-one cares. Love .... Kat.

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