Language Without Frontiers

And if you are not too versed in this beautiful idiom you were taught to call German, why not give Babelfish a go and see what this magic little translation bot comes up with? Can’t be far from fiction and the true nature of my actual scribbles as they are quite phantasmagoric! In any case: Don’t let language barriers scare you off ‘cos this would make they world a scary place, and it simply isn’t. It’s beautiful. And there actually are some pieces in English – so why not give them a try? Read the Goa report to start with:
www.planetkat.com/inhalt.php/1124994167/Reviews. I wrote it when I was young, innocent, and, of course, very naïve, believing I was travelling the world with an open mind.

But my encounter with the local scene turned out to be the real eye opener I needed to discover yet another India (mind, not the “Real India”, whatever that may be). But that’s another chapter of my story:
www.planetkat.com/inhalt.php/1124996085/Stories. “Palolem Blues” actually reveals that I am just another person from the first world fucking up the ecosystem, no matter how hard I try. That piece is in English too!

Then, there is the little Fuckparade round up I wrote in 2001:
www.planetkat.com/inhalt.php/1123787013/Reviews . “Fuck The Parade: Political Dancing” might give you a first impression what the creators, counteracting the sell out of the big and almighty but fortunately not everlasting Love Parade, are trying to achieve. Then there is a short but very interesting account of Jari Salo’s approach to recruiting new freaks for his Pepe Deluxé project which is based around placing strange sounds in a pleasing ensemble of poppy arrangements:

Last but not least, there is some authentic London writing, introducing the first real author to Planetkat, Birgitte Hahn Enevoldsen, who created this little gem in her lunch break in 2000:

Speak your mind: What are you thinking about all this? Hack me a line: Klangkatalysator Kat at Planetkat.com is the person to get back to!

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