Please tell me if I am wrong!

I really believe that there is no such thing as a copyright. What does this word mean anyway: That it’s right to copy? Don’t the big corporations tell us it’s wrong to steal “the intellectual property of the artist”? What if I want my “intellectual property” (Planetkat to Earth: 'On the To Do List: Plant some “Keep Out” signs in brain to fend off intruders.' Earth to Planetkat: 'Are you fucking loco or what?') to be violated? Please enter! Feel free! Because I firmly believe that there is no other way to fight the power of the dark dumbness but be quicker and wittier! Let’s spread the word. Around the world! Hold on… I have an article that deals with these questions in stock, some thoughts for you to ponder on if you fancy: www.planetkat.com/inhalt.php/1121967508/Reviews. It’s about MP3s, the digital format that can be copied, ripped, altered and cloned into oblivion. The end or the beginning of the author’s rights and wrongs?

But what if I, one day, discover something completely identical that isn’t only inspired by my work but a complete rip-off? And what if the copycat is making a lot of money with my ideas? Well, I guess I would just have to shrug it off and create more. In this context, it always helps to refer to the anarchist artists combo The KLF who, by the way, were a great inspiration for the German dance act Scooter (more about them in a tidbit), in a very dumb way, who made millions with some records that were awfully identical with some of the stuff the KLF did in the early Nineties. But whereas Scooter managed to wow the audience with their unsurpassed stupidity, The KLF will forever remain the most cutting edge collective there is as they questioned music and art as a commodity. With writing the bestseller book “The Manual: How to Have a Number One—The Easy Way” (the whole book can be read online here: www.tomrobinson.com/work/klf.htm), making loads of Number One hits – and then burning all the money they ever made, they were the most subversive "pop group" of all times! Can you take it any further? No. Unfortunately. Where are people that persiflage the industry today? Or can the big corporations just set the rules for the future that is bound to be ours as well?

The German dance act Scooter has, for years, successfully, ripped the work of countless underground producers, and made a lot of cash with it. In 2003, another group was born: Moped. Their biggest hit to date: A pitched up version of Coldplay´s "Clocks" with the original name "Clokhs". And it gets even better: They freely admitted that all their work is “inspired" by Scooter! Take a peep at the full article here: www.planetkat.com/inhalt.php/1116952899/Reviews. Is this the solution? Copying the copy, plagiarising the plagiarism! Funny, or, combined with parodying the parody and panacheing the panache, the cure to the sickness of our times? Or what do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts: Please call in at kat@planetkat.com. The writer of the first letter gets the copywrong for a picture of their choice.

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