"What’s Going On?" - "Oh, no mucho"...

If I may recommend some texts as you might have lost the overview considering I have uploaded a steady stream of interviews and a deluge of reports... What about I give you a little insight what’s there to check out if you fancy it: well, there is, for one, a little feature on a raver that went awol and ended up in prison. To escape the terror, he agreed on a therapy and is now “incarcerated” in a psychiatric hospital hoping for a doctor that will declare him healed. He actually managed to get all his equipment inside the closed ward and is busy producing techno, something that has kept him, being forced to stay with fumblers and killers, “sane”. But his love for fast and repetitive techno beats, an apparently sick notion, is something the doctors disapprove so they won’t let him out… Catch 22… www.planetkat.com/inhalt.php/1124470602/Reviews . Or maybe you like to have a scan through the INTERVIEW section where I gathered a wild medley of old and new, kranky and hot. All styles, no borders. Just as we like it! As regular travellers might have already noticed, some internal changes are on the way to make Planetkat even more interesting. A new headlining system makes it easier to differentiate between the articles. They are all dated now so you know exactly when they were written and the labeling system “PK” and “RL” reveals where they were published, “RL” marking the articles and reports that were written for Raveline Magazine Germany which I worked for as an full time editor from March 2001 to October 2004 whilst “PK” stands for Planetkat. All the articles written in the pre and post Raveline era published in other magazines such as Lotus, Wonderlust, Hype, 69 or It’s A London Thing or stuff that never has been published is marked with “PK”. And yet, there is more to come. The more personal accounts now located in the NEWS section will be edited and updated and then moved to the STORIES section. The reason? The NEWS section will be exclusively reserved for fresh information on thoughts, news and developments that deal with things that have happened on this planet and to its inhabitants. Blurb. Now this must have been the most formal hack attack there is. Don’t take it personal, but do take your time to peruse. Kiss. Kat.

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