Vinyl Will Never Die!

According to a report on Sky News broadcasted in July, “Sales of the records have shot up by 87.3% compared to the same three-month period last year. The British Phonographic Industry says annual sales of vinyl singles are now approaching 1.4 million. In the twelve months up to March 31 this year, sales of the seven-inch hit the 1,380,000 mark. This already represented a year-on-year improvement of 64%, and the best 12 months for vinyl since 1998. New figures show that in the three months from April to June vinyl flew off the shelves even more rapidly. Sales rose by 87.3% from 154,216 sales during April to June 2004 to 288,780 for the same period this year. The improvement in fortunes of the seven-inch has been attributed to fans of British indie and rock bands, which are today's big-hitters in the charts. Vinyl has remained popular with DJs, because they allow scratching and mixing. There has also been more evidence from music stores that they are being brought for home use.” On this note: Please don’t miss the opportunity to check out some recent postings on Planetkat.com. The first report gives you a precise insight into the world of an independent pressing planet some techno heads in London set up to cut costs, and focuses on the manufacturing process of cutting and pressing vinyl: www.planetkat.com/reviews.php. The other one is an interview with Full Cycle’s Drum’n’Bass DJ Suv, who not only introduced intricate Flamenco rhythms to the genre but also guided me though the process of cutting dubplates. But what exactly is a dubplate? Learn more about this very cost intensive and very very special rinse out tool typical for the Drum’n’Bass DJ pro circuit here www.planetkat.com/reviews.php. So much about that. Now you’re smiling!

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