Todo Bien - Time For An Update

I finally got all my equipment out of the cargo and now I have 250 kilos of problems!!! I had to sign an agreement I will exit the country with all my stuff again as I have no intention to sell it but the problem is with my tourist visa I have to leave the country every three months!!!! Argh! I didnīt think of this! Now I only have one solution: Find someone who will employ me so I can apply for a permanent visa. But then in comes problem no. 2. My language skills. Three months ago I knew no Spanish at all but as I was learning quickly, I was hoping I would be able to pull it off in no time, but now I realise I was sooo wrong. I guess itīs super utopic to think I can speak alright in three months. I guess it will help the operation if I sign up for a photo class in Spanish as I wanna further my photography skills too. It has to happen somehow. I am also writing and mixing lots. The last week was reserved for my bandejas (decks) only and I spent a great deal mixing and scratching which was something I have never done to that extent but it was one of the best things that happened to me in a long time. It really helped me, actually, not to think about stuff constantly. I am thinking too much sometimes... When I donīt, I feel so free... Oh. Well, sometimes. Not freed of the burden of being myself-- will have to cope with for the rest of my life but I am starting to like it.

But over all, I am doing good although my psyche is fragile and I am in a constant state of emotional extrememity, which I do like sometimes and hate sometimes. Sometimes I can handle the situation here, sometimes not at all. Same with poor Emilio, sometimes we are both quite heavy on each other. The misunderstandings caused by language problems, cultural differences and man-woman conflicts are taking their tolls but we generelly giving the other space so itīs not doing our heads in too much. Itīs all good and buena onda (good vibes). All I want is soul mates who will make the time on this planet more fun. Already found a girl friend who is well into her German grammar so we are having conversation classes with each other.

Went to big rave in Puerto Madeira and it was quite poo apart from the atmosphere and the people who I found refreshingly nice. And... Emilio found a sick cat and we are taking turns in looking after it because we donīt want it to die. Itīs the most thankful creature I can imagine. It has to go though --looks like Emilio and I will get kicked out of the house at the speed he is making enemies at the moment: His landlady was not happy about our DīnīB session until 7 am, and the cat she doesnīt want either...

The impressions are crashing in and I am feeling like a sleeping satellite, awaiting the moment when I can really partake in the reality here, so far I am only a smiling stranger.

Oh, this picture was taken by Ben Hobson when he travelled to Barcelona and I just nicked it because I havenīt got my own material at hand right now.

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