Time To Sway Goodbye

Running out of time. My departure date is approaching fast. It seems like too many things are left undone and all the other things take far too long. I feel like I am standing still, bang boom in the eye of a storm, all my posessions flying around me in a whirl, impressions crashing onto me and precious memories are being ripped out of my hands but I can't find a way to get a hold on and deal with them. Absolute chaos. Just wanted to move on but too much is holding me back now.

This might be partly down to the fact that putting on a good bye party is actually the strangest reason to celebrate... Everyone came, congratulated and walked out of my life again, leaving me behind wondering who is faster in accepting the ever changing reality of movement - me or everyone else. Am I becoming sentimental? I hope so. Anyway, what can I say? Thank you lot for coming and having a good time. Hope to see you again some time. Will post my pictures as soon as they are developed and scanned.

Was in London this week to say goodbye to everyone there. It was really nice to see some old faces who have known me for years which makes me even more sentimental. I was so sure I made the right decision by pissing off and moving on. But now I feeling like the one who has to pay the bill by dealing with the consequences. Life is like that.

Please note that my old email address will not be living for long any more. planet-katamin@t-online.de should be defunct by now but isn't. And I can't access it from anywhere else because I can't recall the password. Aaaargh!

So what about some melancholic artwork to accompany my sad blurblings? Just in case you are wondering about this picture and want to know in which context it was used originally: It's some kids who grew up in the worst social estate in Irland, Ballymun. The tinker horses are all they have. I took it in 2001. Ben Hobson of Sma11 made a flyer out of it. Check his artwork. It's wicked.

Link: www.globalfunkdxb.com

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