17.06.2007  BUENOS AIRES +++ San Telmo

A new neighborhood: San Telmo. Introducing Chacabuco 915.

06.12.2006  BUENOS AIRES +++ Vistas De Una Ciudad

Many many months later, the recapitulation of my return to the city of Buenos Aires. Mi querida. Me gustan tus calles. Tus olores. Tus inhabitantes. Tus colores. Me gustas tu.Me gusta como se encuentra en la cuidad, y como se pierde. Ademas: Me gustan las graffitis de Mundofase y los libros encuadernados de los chicos de Aureo. Time for a little poetic excursion. Wander with me.

29.07.2006  DEUTSCHLAND +++ Memories of Germany

When I returned to Germany on April 4, exactly one year after I set off, for a quick stint to see everyone, especially my family and close friends, I took my camera with me and captured some moments that seemed valuable before I'd fly away again. So transient short glimpses, so little time. Other pictures were taken exactly a year before I set off - I feel they are full of longing to set off to another place.

14.07.2006  DEUTSCHLAND +++ Retrospective Dortmund

Loads of delict shit, corroded to fuck. Crossed into oblivion. Yes, Mister Teacher, I know you don't like it. You don't like anything or anyone, and to be honest, I don't like you either - it's your attitude. Germany's classiest places revisited. One cam, one eye, one message: I love the grimey stuff.

08.06.2006  TRAVELLING +++ Uruguayan Holidays Part 2

Now this is what I call lucky - a month after I returned from my round trip with my sister Anna, Emilio took his summer vacations and asked me to join him on his journey to Uruguay. He was very tempted to check out this magic country upon seeing the pictures I took in January. Of course, he did not have to ask me twice and we embarked on a rocky roadtrip I will probably never forget..
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