18.05.2005  MY FIRST TWO MONTHS IN BUENOS AIRES +++ Un Diario Visual

Here are the photos of the black and white Tango shoes that I found in the streets, here is Raul, Emilio and of course quite a few of these lost in transit moments I love so much.

30.04.2005  FOTOJOURNALISM LIVE +++ Ballymun

An excursion to Europa's most degrading social estate in October 2002

26.04.2005  PORTFOLIA DE FOTOGRAFIA +++ A Best-Of Collection of Old Material

Some of these pictures have been used for flyer artwork, others were printed in Raveline Magazine, the publication I worked for as an editor.

24.04.2005  FINALLY +++ The Party Shots

My � probably last ever � goodbye party documented by my Yashica. What happened? Was this a dream or is it just fantasy?
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