05.10.2005  BRASIL, BRASIL, BRASIL +++ Eu Te Amo

Here are the pictures of my second trip to Sao Paulo where I, accompanied by loyal Emilio who invested his annual holiday to join me, visited my old young friend Michel Palazzo, residing in Hotel Mama, run by Edy Palazzo, the coolest host ever! The actual plan: To travel to SP to catch the Definition Label Night in Lov.E Club, one of the longest running electronic music institutions in Brasil, Brasil, Brasil.

15.09.2005  GOING UP THE CHROMATIC SCALE +++ Yeah.

I know... It has taken a while. Taking pictures, getting them developed and then, finally, turning them into digital files takes time... And then I almost always end up reworking them, at least to add my little logo. The joys of analogism! But this time, it seems to have taken forever - some of these pictures were taken ages ago. For example the "Paparazzi" shot! But the story behind it I will never forget! It's actually been the first time I got attacked by the person "starring" in the shot!

01.09.2005  PROJECTO: MUSICOS +++ The Birth of The Band Enriquez Y...

There it was: the opportunity to document the making of a rock pop band which is to become majorly successful if something like this really can be planned meticulously. It is called Enriquez. Being the person who captures some more intimous vistas and also being responsible for taking band shots and press photographs, therefore defining the "look" of the band in its formatory stage has been a very interesting and rewarding experience--to say the least.

21.08.2005  ARTY AUGUST +++ Going Down The Photoshop Road Of No Return

Working. Using tiny contact sheets to keep the costs down. Scanning. Trying to get the best out of underdeveloped shots. Pushing the limits. Experimenting. Learning. Because I like it so much. I like it all.

02.08.2005  JULIO I LOVE YOU SO +++ Krankin' it up!

Pulchritudinous pics in crazy colours taken in the coldest time of the year. Coroded chemicals. Eroded hues. Oversaturation. Ravers resting in peace. Strange people in strange places. Kitchen stills. Basically. Again, there is... More than meets the eye...
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