Planetkat's gone all digital one might think upon looking at these pics!!! Well, hell yeah! I got a hang on on how I get similar results from this old digital camera, a Nikon Coolpix. Hopefully, one day, I will own a state-of-the-art digital mirror rephlex camera, harness its power and overroll the world with my visual mayhem. Until now, I will spoil you with some eye candy made in typically bountiful Planetkat style. There can only be one.


I have gone digital! My sister gave me her old camera. It's nothing special. But it makes nice shots and I can take it anywhere! Here.. specially for you a little overview!

11.11.2007  BRASIL +++ Maluca!

In February, I visited my old friend Michel in Sao Paulo, in the desperate attempt to combine work with pleasure. It was a nice moment to return to his house; it was Carneval time, a period which most people spend being jolly. Well, so this is what I did. For me, it was one of the nicest experiences I had in a long time. Invited to spend some time with Francines family was absolutely amazing and culminated in a wild dancing frency at the Carnaval de Ibuparu (?) as a she-devil. Talking about dancing: there was the trip to Rio to meet Yetti! Wrapped up in giant dance formations called "Meatballs" and out and about in the kool and stylish Sao Paulo underworld... I had a hell of a time... Harhar. Yours, Lucifer!

21.06.2007  PROJECTO MUSICOS +++ The Death of Enriquez & Rise of The D-Emon

Enriquez, the band thrown together by fabulous Fafa and eager Emus to support Paraguay's one and only pop princess Cecilia Enriquez, dissolved after a year in which they took hearts and stages by storm. Being without a band and going through musical reformation and putrefaction resulted in the ingenious Emus to resort to what he knows best: "Play the fuckin' guitar." Metal style! I, again, documented this process of dis- and construction.

19.06.2007  BUENOS AIRES +++ La Vida Continua

Me puedo imaginar que nos conocemos. Nos conocemos de un lugar. Nos encontremos. Recorrimos el barrio. Hablemos sobre la vida. Festejamos... y... donde estas ahora?
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