So why is this chapter called New Stylez? Well, I guess it's because I cam still in this ongoing process of metamorphosis, artistically and as a person, which resulted in an accidental haircut. After having worn long hair almost all my life, it was very crazy to be in the position of losing long strands of ashy locks while sitting on stage (I was a hair model and told that I would not lose my lenghts, well, lieeeee). Seeing that I was about to sacrifice something I really clung to as part of my personal style (and therefore definition of self), I was really glad to have learned an important lesson without losing something that isn't as superficial as locks - ask Sigourney Weaver all about the feeling. I was ready to make peace with myself as I noticed that things I deemed important did no longer matter. It resulted in a a flurry of activity, the results of which are shown here and elsewhere, my first exhibition being on its way.
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