BRASIL +++ Maluca!

Brasil is a great place. The soft spoken, colourfully accentuated Porto of the Brasilians get my heart singing! Full of happiness, it's easy to connect with people so I had my little moments with everybody I met on the way. I was very receptive to the vibes which made me shine in sparkly colours of self-knowing. Upon arriving in Sao Paulo where I spent a couple of days acclimatising in Michel's house, being taken to barbecues in country houses and chilled pool parties of friends and family, I realised that the normal way of life for the middle class in Brasil is very much like a nice summertime life in a small town in Germany. People can drink a lot and still drive. They like fast food and have cleaners who help in the household.

Michel is a great guy with lots of ambition and puppy-like enthusiasm. He is running a label which he, step by step, made into an outlet for his Brasilian fellow DJs and producers, trying to offer them a platform which helps them to be noticed. His way of working is laid back yet effective so we tried to join up, me as his press force. The farcical attempts to work put a shame on me as an efficient German. The pool near the office desk way too tempting, and no work to be done as countless grill fests needed to be attended.

And then my idea to hook up with Yetti. Luckily enough, my globetrotting foto idol Al Browne supplied me with a contact that enabled me to live two blocks away in the apartment of a couple who rents out all their tiny space to people - we almost slept in shifts in the high rising bunk beds. The best and cheapest option in Copacabana. Talking of which: Copacabana. I had no real concept what to expect of Rio, I just took it as it came, and it came in fruity ice cream flavours of joy and delight! Even child prostitution seems fun in this place, top less boob operated females playing football on the beach - more skillful than their male counterparts who already rock it - while their pimps lend their sun oil to the lady-friends searching beach beaus. Hilarious. And tuff.

Of course. The security issue. Lots of stories making the rounds of corrupt cops planting drugs, robberies of money, the usual. I was travelling with caution and open eyes and was rewarded with rich sceneries, great club nights and new perspectives. So hey! People die in front of their televisions. The more you know something, the less scary it is. Yetti and I embrazed the beachy scenario with a big smile. Mine got even bigger when I realised how well I understood the people talking - and the more I understood, the more I could say in Porto.

Spending time with Yetti was great. I came in a moment of great tension and I did not know how to handle the situation I was in in Buenos Aires. Taking a step back and seeing things from a distance made my heart heal a little bit, and seeing Yetti also helped me a lot. She is a wunderful person who is a searcher like me, roaming the world with great joy but sometimes getting lost in clouds of diffusion. While munching melons, we managed to put things into perspective.

Outlook: good time party vibes. And yeah, it happend. With the great company of Flavia, Mila and Filip as well as lovely Kammy, plus surprise guests Tom und Roxxy, we rocked like there was no tomorrow. Getting to know the Swayzaks, strange creatures from another planet, and Facundo further fuelled the frenzy.

I made great companions that enriched my time. I saw colours and spaces and places. I think I will go back soon. February. Are are ready?

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