PROJECTO MUSICOS +++ The Death of Enriquez & Rise of The D-Emon

Metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal... After being a rocky pop producer of a beautiful project that simply went wrong after an interstellar rocket jumpstart that propelled Enriquez into the limelight straight after its formation, Emus turned his back on ambitious pop group people and started to reconnect with the music of his formative years.... metal. Pantera mainly. What a band. He conceived a guitar loosely based on the design of a Flying V, crossed with the band attitude of an Explorer, and born was the D-Emon. An evil, black E-guitar of such a dark force previously unknown to man kind. It's a shame though that paraellely to Emus cruising back into the charted territories of his wild youth, the band Enriquez completely dishevelled. The website though is still up so please check their amazing songs. I would pledge for a comeback due to popular demand. Link: www.mundoenriquez.com.ar
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