DEUTSCHLAND +++ Retrospective Dortmund

Dortmund was my home for four years, from 2000 to 2004, and it was the place where I started to take my interest in photography reasonably serious. I attended classed at evening school where I felt like I always feel when I attend classes, mildly depressed due to bouts of extreme boredom. But help is always at hand - schools are perfect places to meet like-minded people. I met Jens there, the programmer of this page, who would consequenly become my first field-trip partner. Together we'd roam the derelict surroundings that make the Ruhrgebiet one of the classiest areas Germany has to offer. Loads of derelict factories and rotten buildings. I actually entered one previously squatted house near the train tracks with Ben and it turned out that some Graffiti artist group had decorated the whole building. Amazing shit. Check them out! By the way, when I showed the pics to my teacher, he didn't like 'em - crossing material and shooting derelect stuff has been done millions of times before is what he told me. Oh common you moany bastard. The pics are class. One thing I hate about Germans. The hate to admire others and would rather die than saying something nice. Wicked.
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