TRAVELLING +++ Uruguayan Holidays Part 2

Out of two reasons - for one, we discovered even more deserted beaches, crazy hippies, cheap cabaņas, better weed, remote villages, strange places and nice people, and we were caught in the constant struggle to get on whilst being completely different temperaments on the road - being with each other each minute of the day took it out of us. The distance between us is reflected in some of the pictures whilst the solemn peace that we strived for was some rare thing that seemed to happen just as casually as our arguments is what I managed to capture in others. Somehow we did find an equilibrium though with spells of genuine happiness but it was a long way to go - almost all the way up to the Brasilian border. The stops: Tigre - Carmelo - Colonia - Montevideo - Punta del Diablo - Cabo Polonio - Montevideo - Piriapolis.
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