DOUBLE STANDARDS +++ A Hot Kat On A Rooftop

Here's the run-down on what actually happened. The film arrived safely but then disappeared in its container when I inserted it wrongly... I just got too drunk! Big thumbs down! Boo! The second attempt the film was retrieved in the lab and then inserted into the camera correctly worked out though. I captured standards, blue skies and old houses and old people. Then I started to experiment and took pictures of geometrical forms of architecture combined with pin-up poses, starring myself as a model. Yep, that's right, old auto-erotic me has found a new place in space and time where I just can't help but get my kit off and feel sexy, the rooftop of Emilio's workplace. There ain't no better place to sunbathe than right there on the silvery roof top above the tree line in Palermo Viejo. I came here in regular intervals and celebrated my own bikini line, erm figure by taking shots with both of my cameras using different film materials and outfits every time. I even did some fierce make up which complemented the music coming from underneath me Emilio practicing with his new heavy metal band T.O.D. Talking about all this roof nonsense... These are the pics that I like the best because of the strong colours and my weird facial expressions. Voracious. Yeah, Jens, I can't help it I love strong colours. The double expose experiment did not quite live up to my expectations with weak colours and unexciting views, well at least that's what I thought when I first saw the contacts. All in all the pics are nice though but I would have hoped for more offensive motives and more exiting views... topless bars, drunks fighting, not some politicians on tellies and corporate buildings. No, I want it screaming. Paradoxically enough, I didn't quite meet my own expectations with the rest of this series, just some quiet introverted observations. There are some more solemn shots from my hostel roof top too, cross processed but quiet although the colours are screaming. I just love to juxta-pose! Yeah, right, there is an excuse for life, the universe, everything.
. More about the Jens-Kat-Experiment here: www.freude-now.de/Bilder/album.php/KatJens.
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