TRAVELLING +++ Uruguayan Holidays & Partytime in Salta and Jujuy

My sister Anna who booked her flight yonks ago finally arrived on January 1 and within days, we were on the road. I urgently needed another tourist visa so we took the boat to Carmelo in Uruguay, the cheapest and nicest option to leave the country. And... What happened? A lot... We met people from all over the shop... Montevideo, Minas, Jujuy, Bahia Blanca, Melbourne, El Bolson, Salta, built bridges, hung out in youth hostels, drank mate, had encounters, drank beer, had arguments, found the biggest swimming pool on earth, chewed coca leaves, fancied surfers, had music played to us in shady, dimlit bars downtown, watched kids playing football, ended up puking and so on and so forth. The nicest summer holiday I could possibly imagine. Basically, we experienced all that was to be experienced, all that fate had in stock for us. We managed to buy random bus tickets and end us at the most magnificent places and and the most special spaces. Not one place in South America does not enchant with its uniqueness, not one place is not amazing in its stunning beauty. Whatever you think or saw or read, forget about it. Swing yourself in a bus and take a trip... If you can't afford it, take the trip with me. It's safe. If you can, come over. You don't need a lot. And you're very welcome here. There's space for all.
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