Also on the menu: Label artists Murphy and newcomer Elton D who played a memorable liveset - if it wasn't for all the Jagermeister Christian brought along all the way from Leizig to knock us out. Other highlights included tripping through the city at light speed using the ultra modern subway system, finally escaping the system, true Matrix stylee, and our bus trip to Sao Sebastiao 300 klicks away from the moloch city of SP. Thanks for the hint, Edu! We actually even managed to land in paradise, taking the ferry to Ilhabela. An incredible island! We loved every minute, and I think this is reflected in the pics. Always a little high on love and drink so none of the films were used in a correct manner. Thank god I love the fuck ups! Look at these shots of Christian Fischer. And the rest!!! Woooooaaaaaa! Trippy, to say the least! Now common! Read the full story. It's in the REPORT section: www.planetkat.com/inhalt.php/1140120085/Reports.
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