The girl did not seem to have a good time anyway, which is bad enough as it is, and the last thing I wanted was to piss her off but she walked straight into my picture and then the flash went off although I didn't want to use it. She called me a puta and hit me really hard with her handbag, slashing it across my head; so hard I was in tears, asking her repeatedly why she was so aggressive but to no avail. She just walked off shaking her arse at me. I guess it's easy to see the other pictures were taken in an incredibly peaceful and solemn atmosphere - compared to that incident. Some pics I took when looking out of the window of the train I take into the city every day, some in my house, some in Tigre and some in San Telmo after my last photoclass there. I actually ended up bumbing into a crazy Indian who was so sexed up he did Yoga in the streets but these pics I saved up for the next series which I will upload this week. However, just sitting around and talking to him enabled me to take all these "Esquina" street corner shots because the people would not take notice of my camera when walking past - probably because the Indian ohmmed at everyone, half naked, which was a sight for itself. Keep your eyes peeled! nd keep it surreal! Yeah!
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