OTOŅO EN ARGENTINA +++ Take A Walk Through The Alleys Of My Mind

Hola amigos, I know it's been some time. What I have been up to? Not much really. Taking photos here and there. In the cemetary. In the hospital. In my house and garden. In the streets of Beunos Aires. In Tigre, the rio delta village I call my home. Sometimes the pictures jump at me, sometimes it's really hard work. Most of the time actually. I am reluctant to point my camera at people although many would be so interesting to photograph. But it's difficult for me because it's obvious I am a foreigner. I don't want to be seen as a person who, obviously not being part of the culture here, intrudes and captures intimous moments and situations without permission and without the ability to explain why I am actually doing this. Hence I am being patient and I stick to what I know: I feel that the best pictures are those of people who really want to be photographed. It makes all the difference. Big up to the peanut seller and of course the Paraguayan singer Princess Cecilia and her band who let me in their zone while they jam. I love to love my objects. I guess this is my objective. Sincere visual love affairs. In Autumn colours.
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