ARGENTINA MI VIDA +++ My First Trip To Argentina

When I went to board my plane to Argentina, I was lovesick, bruised and confused. But not for long: What was supposed to be a business trip turned out to become a turning point in my life. After attending the South American Music Conference in Buenos Aires, I actually decided to change my ticket so I could stay on and see more of the country. I ended up travelling to Patagonia which had been a secret fantasy since the day I read Bruce Chatwin's travel account "About Patagonia". Here are some pictures of my very intensive month in Argentina, and as usual, they actually reveal little. I don't know if they, in any way, reflect what really goes on in Argentina as they are just personal cut outs, snippets of Kat consciousness, in a vaguely graphical way. Here it is, my actual experience, as I was slam boom bang in the middle, shaken and stirred. With my camera.
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