PORTFOLIA DE FOTOGRAFIA +++ A Best-Of Collection of Old Material

These 52 pictures out of my vast collection of fotographs which I have taken in the last three years represent me, my life and everything I stand for. Due to my work as a music journalist and my zest for adventures, I have travelled intensively, always accompanied by my heavy, quiet friend, a pleasurable burden to carry around, especially at night or in strange places where you'd rather walk with empty hands: my Canon A-1.

When no-one was around to speak to me, I let the camera capture those time fragments in which I noticed my desire to communicate the beauty, the obscurity, the serenity or the obscenity of the moment. A clean, graphical composition appeals to me - just a much as cramped spaces and a sensory overload of information. I like strong colours and wild patterns. Reflections, humans and their natural habitat, morbid urban dwellings and wide open spaces.

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