FINALLY +++ The Party Shots

Better late than never! Here they are. Hope you like them. Hope someone liskes them. Where are you? What are you all up to? What a strange idea to celebrate my departure. Here I am, left alone in my dirty empty apartment flat wondering if it was a good idea to leave. Inevitably, I will lose touch with most of you although it feels like it only just began. I am left with this diffuse feeling of missing every single one of you. And pictures of you lot. I sincerely hope we will meet again soon. Somewhere on this Planet. Kat P.S. A massive big up to the programmer Jens Joseph Quakenstein (dressed in orange) who attended the party and instantly came up with the idea of programming a FRIENDSFORUM which enables us to keep in touch. If you fancy it, drop me a line at kat@planetkat.com and I will sort you out with the access code. Weeeheee!
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